6.5 lb Calico Bass, and More! Client Fishing Report

yellowtail fishing Cedros

John DeLaurentis with Cedros yellowtail

From Aug 9-14 we had good bass fishing around the back of north end of island, but not great bass fishing due to lots of red crab in the water…steady pick on bass to 7 lbs. The wind prevented fishing kelp at Punta Norte. Even though both the yellows and the bass are gorged with red pelagic crabs, our best jig colors for yellows were blue/white, dorado and blue/chrome in either yo-yo of surface iron.

Calicos were especially fond of Christmas tree pattern swimbaits, as well as BIg Hammer toast and baits with light colors such as clear, pale yellow and light browns; also, shades of red.  Big Hammer redrum was an instant bite in the west side kelp.

It was very easy making sardines and mackerel at St.Augustine. Bigger yellowtail were being caught off the point at St. Augustine. On arrival day, we all caught yellows in the 12# – 14# range over a 2 hour afternoon period using jigs while fishing offshore of the salt docks.

Day two, we caught yellows to 27# using live mackerel at Augustine.  Day three, we fished the northwest side kelps for great bass fishing – our target species – on plastics; largest fish was 6 1/2# with many fish in the 3# – 5# range.

Day four was a mix of bass in the AM, yellows in the afternoon; neither was satisfyingly  productive.  You can’t mix the two fisheries, moving vast distances to do so and always be successful. Failing to learn from past mistakes, we repeated Day Four’s failure on Day Five, hoping for a different result.  Duh!  The last day, though blessed with gorgeous weather, proved too short to be meaningful as the water temp dropped and immediately local fish were off the chew. Returning to the dock at 10:15AM, we flew out at 1:41PM. Great trip back with Colin (on private flight direct to Brown Field Airport in San Diego)

From Jim Petrella, John DeLaurentis and Tom Newton,

Cedros Outdoor Adventures Trip, Aug. 9-14, 2014

(note: they lost their pics from this year, so sent pics of their trip last August)

Cedros Island vieja fishing

Nice vieja!

big calico bass Cedros island, Cedros Outdoor Adventures

Jim Petrella with calico bass

calico bass fishing Cedros island

Tom Petrella and John DeLaurentis with calicos

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