August 14, 2014, Client Fishing Report

Yellowtail fishing with Cedros Outdoor Adventures

Barry Cohn with Yellowtail

Here is a quick rundown of our Cedros trip.

Plane issues resulted in a late arrival and limited yellowtail fishing at the salt plant.

Saturday started with making bait at St. Augustine then quality yellowtail fishing to the west of there. The yellows rain from 20-35 lbs landed. Also hooked a couple of monsters that rocked me. Calico fishing in the nearby kelp forest. Big and mean, most of the bites were on big lead head with red tails on the drop. Fish in gear for best results. My biggest was 6 lb 1 oz.

Sunday more of the same but too much current ot set up on the calicos. Hooked a big black sea bass but lost the battle. The yellows were 25-40 Some on live bait and some on jigs, 40-50 lb line was the trick.

Monday morning was jig fishing for yellows 20-30 lbs.

Brought more gear than I needed. See pics for what worked best, plus 4.0 to 6.0 hooks


Barry Cohn
Cedros Outdoor Adventures Trip (traveling on charter flight from Brown Field Airport, August 8-11, 2014)


Yellowtail fishing Cedros Island Mexico

Gear that worked for Barry