Cedros Island Excursion by Gerald W. Hokstad

Cedros Fishing Excursion Calico Bass

Cedros Fishing Excursion for Calico Bass

I hooked up with Jose Angel of Cedros Outdoor Adventures for a revisit to the Island. Joining me was Kelvin Nettelton. We were picked up on Monday April 30 at my house and taken to the airport in Ensenada for a timely flight to the Island. Quick check in to the hotel, a nice lunch and we were off to target Calico Bass. Once again I was partnered up with veteran skipper Jorge who stared in the last Transom Trash Productions video. We did not know what late April and early May might bring. The weather was great and the water was in the mid 60’s. Calm seas lasted the entire week. Our boat was brand new with a Yamaha 150 4 Stroke. I can only describe the numbers of Calico Bass you can catch in a day as ludicrous. Crystal clear water like Hawaii. No apparent habitat. No visible sign of fish, yet they come from nowhere and maul your artificial baits. On day we started at the North end at Punta Norte up tight in the rocks working a combination of MC Swim Baits and the Rapala X-Rap. The standard model Calico Bass is a 4 pounder. The bass are very aggressive and attack in wolf-packs of 5 or more. I had multiple hook-ups of two fish on the hard baits. Diving birds on bait was a frequent occurrence with Calicos jumping out of the water after fleeing bait fish. Under the birds. Bites were routinely instant as you hit the water all day. I caught fish on a wide variety of plastics from Slugs and twitch baits to Swim-baits in every size. Color or size was never an issue. I like to target the Calicos in very shallow water. Two foot of water in the rocks held plenty of aggressive bass. I prefer top-water presentations with various sizes of slugs. This style presentation allows you to see everything from the fish darting out of cover to bust up and grab the bait often coming right out of the water.

On Wednesday we were greeted with flat seas and a mild breeze making an easy run to Isla Natividad in 26 minutes. This Island is a dream paradise containing the best Calico bass habitat I have ever observed. I could not have designed it any better. It was gorgeous with unique coves, boilers, caves, points, rocks, reefs, overhangs, and the vegetation all in the right places. I fished what can only be described as a Calico Bass Paradise. Two anglers for 6 hours caught 100 bass each over 4 lbs. I have included some pics. Later the same day we returned to Cedros to explore areas we had never been and wanted to be sure we were not overlooking other opportunities for future visits. Should have stayed the entire day at Natividad. Went back on Thursday and did well but the strong winds were up early and rolled the water conditions into ugly green and we could not fish close to the Island and could fish only the Kelp. Even the worst fishing conditions possible still made for great fishing. Left back to Cedros to explore more areas and techniques. My hands were in so much pain due to overuse I could not fish hard on Thursday. My body had been used up after thousands of casts and hundreds of Bass caught. I’m convinced the bass were there and just as active at least since the end of March, and likely all of March. The volume of bass at these Islands is incomprehensible. The mainland is only a one hour boat ride with significant legendary Calico Bass haunts that also could be fished from Cedros Island. The Cedros Outdoor Adventure staff led by Jose Angel performed flawlessly with no glitches. I will likely make a visit next year in Early march just to see how early this phenomenal Calico fishery gets started.

By  –  Gerald W. Hokstad
Original Article located –  Bloody Decks Forum
Date – May 13, 2012



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