Cedros Island Report…open calico and tail bite

Reebs Lures just recently sponsored a trip here with Cedros Outdoor Adventures and filed this report. 

“The weather was perfect at 75 degrees, a light wind from the north and water temperatures at 63 degree,” Mike Ryba of Reebs Lures said.“Most anglers chose to target yellowtail the first day but my boat decided on calico bass. We all cast Reebs 6-inch swimbaits in different directions for triple hook ups to better model calico on the drop. We all proceeded to get bit throughout the afternoon on swimbaits, Bolt Throwers, and Kelp Assassins. It was a great first day.”

“Saturday we were up at 5:15 and ready for 13 more hoursof calico bass action,” Ryba said. “We tried to reach Punta Norte but the wind drove us back, so we decided to work our way back south. At that point we all witnessed what none of us have ever seen in our lives; boiling calico bass by the thousands feeding on krill pockets in gin-clear water as far as the eye could see. There were also yellowtail mixed in. My boat must have released 200 bass that day. 

Sunday we were going to target yellowtail, and right out of the barn we got a call saying the yellows were at full speed to the south,” Ryba said. “We slid up on a spot of fish and had double hook ups with yoyos right away. After taking eight of them it was back to calico for the rest of the day.”

ITS GAME ON JUST ACROSS THE BORDER—Things are starting to shape up just across the border. Here’s some happy anglers showing off a few of their fish from a recent trip to Cedros Island with Cedros Outdoor Adventures. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MIKE RYBA OF REEBS LURES. 
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10-year-old T.J Ponder crushed the IGFA Junior World Record with a 6.5-pound calico bass. Way ta go young man!















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