Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros OUTDOOR Adventures

Cedros OUTDOOR Adventures offers packages all included to fly into Cedros island and fish the same day. CEDROS FISHING at it best.
This is our second video (here is the first one: and it includes the second half of the season fishing at Cedros Island; The Yellowtail Capital !

Our guests not only found great fishing, but also a friendly safe environment, and our accommodations, boats and meals are the best on the island. That is why we have so many happy guests becoming returning customers.

This season (2010) was exceptional for many reasons including colder waters, bigger yellowtail, lots of bait fish, and maybe the only reliable place where good fishing was happening, as most of the long range fleet from San Diego made multiday stops here.

Most of the video is yellowtail, but other species are present in good numbers and sizes; calicos, white seabass, groupers, among others species.
We are expecting a busy 2011 season, and the addition to our services for SPEARFISHING and KAYAKING, because the island present perfect conditions for these activities, such as extensive kelp beds, excellent weather, calm seas at the protected sides of the island.

For boaters or plane owners who want to fish or explore the area we can provide services of guides, arrange accomodations, boats, or answer your questions.
Enjoy the video !! (we left the natural sound intentionally, and sorry about the shaky parts…. need a better camera and pulse !)

(Shot by Jose A Sanchez / Edition by Carlos Bracho / San Pedro, CA)

Jose Angel Sanchez
Cedros OUTDOOR Adventures
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