Fishing La Vida Buena – Travel Feature

By Gary Graham

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Cedros Island, know for its yellowtail regularly produces yellowtail above 40 pounds. Well-equipped super-pangas speed from spot to spot to find feeding fish melees. In addition to the expected yellows, there are white sea-bass, sheephead, halibut, and other bottom species, as well as some unexpected thresher sharks up to 100 pounds in July and August. There is also a growing interest in targeting calicos, and groups of bass enthusiasts find “gold” in Cedros’ kelp and near the shore, with hungry calicos biting pretty much everything you put in the water. Interest in  calicos-only trips is on the rise, as are services for spearfishing, kayak fishing, and paddleboards. Cedros is not only visited through fly-in packages offered by Cedros Outdoor Adventure, but increasingly by independent boat and plane owners for whom they can arrange a convenient stay with service providers on the island. Thanks to high mountains blocking the strong winds, Cedros offers mild temperatures, assuring almost no bad days fishing. We often hear that Cedros is the fishing experience of a lifetime, and once doesn’t seem to be enough; many traveling anglers return year after year to experience more Baja magic – Cedros style.


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