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  1. Cindy Scott says:

    My husband and I fished in Mexico 1 to 3 times per year for 20 years, until I had to get my body rebuilt from all the wear & tear. We started with Yellow Tail in Loreto and last trip was PV, Rooster Fish & 500 lb Black Marlin I caught all of the exotics, including a 4′ Wahoo, while fishing in our own boat out of La Paz. I didn’t get it IN THE BOAT though. But it was beautiful! I would’ve released it anyway. But I love seeing the beautiful fish of Mexico doing their dance! So I am serious. I want to go back now. Doctors’ orders now, nothing over 30 lbs. Then I have to hand the pole over to my husband………..he says, oh darn…..

    I’m really excited about going to Cedros. The air flight sounds a little pricey. We always fly first class for free using mileage/Alaska Airline. Is it possible to do the same from L.A. to Cedros? When’s the best time to go during the summer? Fishing? Snorkeling? Temperature? I’d love to hear more about this place. Anyone that’s been there or has more information, please share it with me? I want to go next summer. But I can’t stand super hot.

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