July 2014, Fishing Report by Jose Sanchez (owner)


DSCN1934.JPGYou know you are up to a good start of your fishing trip if you get a 50 lb yellowtail within a few minutes on your first day. That’s the case of our friends from the state of Sonora visiting us for the 3rd time. To use the least words I am including lots of photos where some do better than others, but that is part of the sportfishing experience. Just let me add that we have an official street name at our dog-friendly lodge “Baja Magic”. From each room door we can see the bait boiling and also the local fishermen collecting some of it for their income. Speaking of which, we continue with the process to keep the seiners (tuna and sardine) far from Cedros’ waters to maintain a sustainable fishery for the long run. We depend on these resources to continue providing needed local’s jobs and bring our share to the island’s economy.

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