Pier Fishing in California Cedros Island Report

I was finally able to make my “pilgrimage” to Cedros Island in Baja, Mexico for fishing after waiting for about nine (9) months. Also known as Isla de Cedros , the island is about 310 miles south of the Us border. I had to postpone the trip from September 8th to 28th due to first hurricane Norbert, and then others that followed it. It was a great trip and following is account of this outing.

More information about the island on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cedros_Island

There are two ways to go to Cedros Island for the average income angler.
Method one—go on the cattle boats and drive for about two days, fish for a couple of days and drive back for two more days. No fishing while driving, and if you don’t get seasick, you are lucky. I cannot make comments on sleeping accommodations and food, since I don’t have personal experience of such a trip. The boats that I was on for (2) day trips had coffin size bed, in a hot room shared with another person.

Method two—drive to San Diego. Meet other angler/visitors and the bilingual driver of the Cedros Outdoor Adventures at a shopping center in San Ysidro (USA/Mexico border). Park your car and cooler in a secure parking lot. Parking fee per day/car currently is $10.00. The bilingual driver of the Cedros outdoor adventures will pick you up and take you on a scenic easy drive to Ensenada. However, first you must get an entry visa at the border. It currently costs $25.00. The visa information reads that it is good for 180 days. Yet an attorney with our group who has been to Ensenada many times collected our visas upon return to the border. He said that it must be mailed in when visitor leaves Mexico!! Go figure.
At Ensenada from a military airport you will fly to the island. The flight takes about 1:45 minutes. Be sure to use the restroom before the flight. No restroom on board the plane.
Your weight allowance from the plane is 30 Lbs. The lodge pays for additional 20 Lbs. You can pool together with others who have less weight and save.
They do not charge you by piece; so you don’t have to make a heavy bag. Divide and conquer.
The rods are charged per piece. More information on charges at www.Cedrosoutdooradventures.com
When you arrive, you are greeted with pickup trucks that they load and take you and the gear to the lodge.
I opted for the six (6) day trip package. All packages are almost inclusive. Transportation to and from the Island, accommodations, fish cleaning and meals. They won’t even let you carry anything to and from pangas and the lodge.

Mexican entry visa, tips, alcohol, vacuum packing the fillets and exclusive Cedros Island Tee shirts are extra.
When I noticed there was an opening for a couple of more days, I added them too. Thus, I ended up to fish with two groups. The first group had eleven people of which two (2) did not fish. They were there for touring the island. Since they had less than allowable weight, they offered me to pool with them. Therefore, I saved on over-weight charges.

1-They were a nicest couple, and since they did not fish; they would not be as tired. We had nice conversations after dinner while everybody else was sleeping.

The second group was a smaller one with only six anglers. Thus, lots of room in the van on return. On the way over four of us rode in a mini-van. Again a comfortable drive to and from Ensenada.

I wore a fishing/travel vest and had 5 lbs. of irons, jig head and sinkers in the pockets.

2-Two jig heads are wrapped in tissue paper and put in a small plastic bag to prevent hooks from protruding. The heavy iron hook is capped with plastic cap. That way the heavy stuff can be put in pockets.

3-The group that was there before us is waiting for their luggage to be checked by Mexican military at the Ensenada Airport. Sad and tired faces I would say.

4-Our group is also tired of riding the van from the border to Ensenada and anxious to get on board the plane and go fishing on the island.

The small Styrofoam cooler is filled with my secret sheephead bait. The box below it is what I donated to the school as was requested by our host.

5-The second and third bags from the bottom as well as the ones on the table (left of the picture) are the cooler bags that were full of fish fillet.
The bags went from freezer on the island to the parking lot where our cars were parked. I put my fish in coolers that were left in the car as per instructions and returned the bags.

6-This was the bigger of the two planes, with seats for 13. The other one had seats for eight passengers only.

7-Sort of modern looking plane.

8-Not a lot of passing room between seats on this plane.

9-Looking at some scenery from the plane.

10-Approaching the airport on the island.

11-There were two pickup trucks ready to take us to Baja Magic Lodge. Some rode with the rods and the gear in the back. It was not a long ride, and it is allowed there.

12-Artistic shot of the shadow of the plane.

13-View of the lodge sitting on a bluff from the water during sunrise.

14-I had the room #1 which was called Jurel. It means yellowtail in Spanish. No keys are issued here.
Your stuff is safe. Some even left their rods and expensive reels outside during the night. No problemo.

15-Rooms were very spacious and lovely as you can see. All had ocean views of course, but of course.

Against the back wall are two six foot pipe insulations that carry three rods each. It is the safest and preferred method of transporting rods. No rod tubes are allowed on the plane.

16-Your view from every room at the lodge.

17-Kitchen and the dining area where every meal is served.

On the right side of the building, to the right of the flat TV there is brass bell. Every evening at 6:30 PM and every morning at 5:30 AM sharp, the bell would be rung to announce food is being served.

18-Inside of the kitchen where the lovely staff prepared our meals.

19-A gazebo with most comfortable furnishings, where I actually took naps several times after dinners. The sounds of waves were very soothing and relaxing after a hard day of fishing.

20-After a quick stop for some snacks and drinks at the lodge upon arrival on the island, we went to the marina to go fishing. It was about 2:00 PM if memory serves.
We fished until 6:00 PM the same day and caught fish. You can’t say that for the Sportfishing boats that visit the island.

21-There were a couple of free to use kayaks for anybody who wanted to use them.

22-There is a huge salt storage/shipping operation on the island. They supply the world with salt brought from Guerrero Negro.

23-More scenery of the island.

24-Sunset view from the dining area.

25-Two of the three nice dogs that were on duty at night. Each day they go swimming to cool off.
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